Architectural lines are spatial. It is a multi-sensorial and emotional understanding of architecture, creating a course of actions based on past, present, and future and turning them into representations. Everything begins with a line. That finish line. Your bottom line. Where you draw the line. Faded Lines is a modern take on the timeless design, offering a unique style to all markets - erasing that fine line between styles. Faded Lines is in itself the essence of the brand. The idea that there are no lines that cannot be crossed, there are no boundaries. Our collection of luxury home products provides an exclusive point of view into a variety of tastes inspired by the individual. Offering all updated classic, contemporary, modern and authentic décor. Faded lines – because we are not afraid to cross the line.
Faded Lines is a modern and edgy home accessory label. Creating unique style through functionality.
Founded in 2020 by creative director, JBB